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42 is the answer to _____, the universe and everything
What genre is Lord of the Rings?
What can large amounts of rain on a muddy slope cause
Peaces anagram
What The Matrix is not
What part of the body is the cornea and sclera found?
What you do with the answer to the previous question
Red ____ at night, shepherd's delight
Opposite of rich
'an inclination to support or be loyal to or to agree with an opinion'
'I'm _____ like Sunday morning'
What famous physical trait does Nicolas Sarkozy have?
'______ in the willows'
Positrons are the anti____ version of electrons
'Video _____ the radio star'
A Kalashnikov is a type of what?
Who believes Rodney (from Only Fools and Horses) is called 'Dave'
Homonym of throne
Be tearful
In 24 hours
A series of 31 low budget, British films made from the 1950s onwards
Timberland - '___ ______ to apologise'
If you were able to go the speed of light, what would stop?
What does a pirate say - '_____ me timbers!'
Suffering a continuous dull pain
'Hwyl fawr' is welsh for what?
In Harry Potter, what is Veritaserum used for obtaining
(officially) The singular of 'dice'
'Get _____' Jet debut song
What is the shadow (often painted) of a person called?
1952 adventure film based in France, featuring Stewart Granger
Electrostatic spark with accompanying sound during a storm
Who undertook the famous experiment to prove gravity did not depend on mass, by dropping two sphers out of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
Song referring to an unwanted person, thinking about eating worms.
One word anagram of 'noisy Mrs tot'
Poetic Arabic word translated as 'In the name of Allah'
Sign out side a house to signal availability for rent - 'To ___'
What does the Dutch word 'Geen' mean?
2008 film starring Pierce Brosnan, Meryl Streep and Colin Firth, based on ABBA songs
Word for the Devil, anagram of 'Bubble zee'
What taught Damien Rice to fly?
Justin Bieber song featuring the lyrics 'I thought you'd always be mine, mine'
'We _____ ___ ___ of this place' Animals 1965 hit
What the wind does
Now, what is the song, stuck in your head (hopefully...)

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