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Can you name the name the characters in CWs the flash?

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fastest man alive and main protagonist
protagonists best friend who is a metahuman
doctor at S.T.A.R Labs whose fiancee died
man in yellow creator of S.T.A.R. labs
news reporter
CCPD detective
CCPD detectives partner
Meta-Human who can make copies of himself
Meta-Human who can turn into gas
Protagonist's school bully who can turn into metal
non meta human with ice powered gun
non metahuman who uses sound waves
non meta human with fire powered gun
meta human that controls the weather
non meta human with gold gun
crazy non meta human with lots of tricks
giant psychic gorilla
earth 3 flash, doppelganger of barry's dad
evil speedster from earth 2 that wants the Flash's speed
new version of firestorm
Earth 2 wells' daughter/now a speedster
police detectives son and kid flash
earth 2 version of Caitlin Snow
earth 2 version of Firestorm
earth 2 version of Cisco/Vibe
giant killer shark
villain giving people powers from the flashpoint timline
Flashpoint speedster
earth 19 version of wells
god of speed
Meta-Human who can travel through mirrors
bounty hunter with vibe powers
the starling city vigilante

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