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A. Eleventh Doctors first companion
B. Creature trapped on the impossible planet and controls the ood
C. Race of cybernetic humanoids from then planet Mondas and a parallel Earth
D. Protagonist for the whole show
E. Child who was brought back to life by Nanogenes and had a gas mask stuck to his face
F. Group of aliens that followed the doctor to the 1910s to take his immortality
G. Home planet of the main character and the Time-Lords
H. Fishlike humanoids from the planet messaline
I. Warriors who live on Mars
J. Time agent the Doctor and Rose befriended in WW2 and later went to work for Torchwood
K. Robot dog the doctor made and gave to sarah jane. also another word for dog
L. Scientist who transforms into an insect-like monster to feed on the energy of others
M. Companion introduced in series 3
N. Blob-like aliens who controlled the Autons
O. peaceful cretures who's eyes turn red when angered
P. Humanoids with rock based form and filled with magma from the planet pyrovillia
Q. Royalty that the Doctor married in the 50th anniversary
R. Companion that the protagonist loved who was trapped on a parallel earth
S. Handy piece of equipment the Doctor uses
T. The Doctors Time machine that is disguised as a 1950s poilce box
U. Military Organisation that deals with paranormal and extraterrestrial threats
V. Giant wasp like creatures that can shape shift into humans
W. Stone aliens that send you back in time if you look away, turn your head or blink
X. Phrase the daleks say before killing somene (dont judge me i couldnt find anything else)
Y. Abominable creatures controlled by the Great Intelligence
Z. Big red rubbery things covered in suckers

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