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Can you name characters that appeared in the CW's arrow?

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Star City vigilante and mayor /main protagonist
The Arrow's best friend and former bodyguard
The Arrow's ex-fiance and computer hacker
Former assisstant district attourney
The Arrow's Protege
Oliver's sister and daughter of the dark archer
the dark archer or the magician
Former police officer/detective/captain now deputy mayor
Former billionaire, died in the undertaking
Uses vertigo to kill people
marooned on Lian Yu, former agent of ASIS
Captured and taken to Lian Yu by Edward Fyers
1st black canary, now travels in time
worked with slade to create a mirakuru army
Billionaire and founder of Palmer tech
leader of the league of assassins
Daughter of the leader of the league of assassins
Recruited by A.R.G.U.S. for task force X
league of assassins member, helped oliver in flashbacks
woman who helped oliver come back to life
Leader of H.I.V.E, can use magic
Likes to cause anarchy
Former leader of A.R.G.U.S.
Current leader of A.R.G.U.S. and diggle's wife
Uses a totem which grants her the abilities of animals
Drug dealer in Bludhaven and now in Star City
Olympic bronze medalist, part of team arrow 2.0
Vigilante that wears a hockey mask, part of team arrow 2.0
wears ancient rags, part of team arrow 2.0
masqueraded as the black canary before joining team arrow 2.0
throwing star killer and former DA
Fastest man alive

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