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RegistryVessel Name
NCC-1017 (Destroyed by planet-killer 'Doomsday Machine')
NCC-1700 (Class vessel)
NCC-1701 (Most famous vessel in fleet)
NCC-1647 (Kirk served aboard as lieutenant and faced a vampire energy cloud. Registry sometimes listed as NCC-1702)
NCC-1709 (Commanded by Commodore Wesley. Registry sometimes given as NCC-1703)
NCC-1717 (Disabled by the alien whale-song probe. Registry sometimes listed as NCC-1704)
NCC-1664 (Destroyed during the M-5 war games. Registry sometimes listed as NCC-1705)
NCC-1672 (Its crew was turned to crystals by a virus around Omega IV. Registry sometimes listed as NCC-1706)
RegistryVessel Name
NCC-1703 (Damaged during the M-5 war games. Registry sometimes listed as NCC-1707)
NCC-1631 (Possessed an all-Vulcan crew. Registry sometimes listed as NCC-1708)
NCC-1709 (A starship lost at Eminiar IV)
NCC-1710 (Named for a Japanese battleship and a mountain in Japan)
NCC-1657 (Named for a famous Russian battleship. Registry sometimes listed as NCC-1711)
NCC-1371 (Kirk served aboard early in career)
NCC-1764 (Disappeared into the Tholian Web)

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