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Can you name the countries by their descriptions from the Onion?

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DescriptionCountryFun Fact
A great ballpark in a bad neighborhoodForeign Aid: Provides $55 million in humanitarian relief-pitching aid to U.S. each year.
Preventing Argentina from enjoying the Pacific Ocean since 1818Birthday Rate: One per citizen per year
South Africa's South AfricaPreferred Form of Coup: Ousting
Why spend hundreds on a name-brand African country?Legal System: Laws must be obeyed lest penalties be exacted
The world's only seven-star nationClimate: Man-made
A possible likely threat to the free world, maybeOutstanding Fatwas: Death to Great satan, death to George W. Bush, death to barbershop where Ayatollah got his hair cut last week
Neutral... too neutralOfficial Languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Eskari, Inuit, Binary
DescriptionCountryFun Fact
#1 at being #2Sports: AP Physics, AP Trigonometry, AP Tae Kwon Do
As seen on Animal PlanetNational Pride: Gets to sit at special 'continent table' during UN meetings
2,500 years past its primeBaklava Availability: High to Very High
Enjoying a three-century siestaForm of Government: Parliamentary MaƱanarchy
The land of opportunismTraditional Cuisine: The #5 Combo
Workers of the world, survive!Suffrage: All Fidel Castros over the age of 16 can vote
Wait, this might be ParaguayAbout the same as Paraguay

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