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How many original Eves were there?
In what episode do we discover Scully's cancer?
What university did Mulder attend?
What is Scully's middle name?
What pet(s) does Mulder have?
What is the name of the first X-Files film?
Who needs Scully's cancer?
What recurring season 1 character needs to consume livers?
In what episode does Mulder find himself on a ship during WWII?
What is Mulder's first informant called?
What is the name of the X-Files spin off series?
What is Mulder's nickname?
Who assigns Scully to the X-Files?
Where in the FBI building is the X-Files office located?
Who has a crush on Scully?
What was the surname of the family of inbreeds in the episode 'Home'?
Who is Mulder and Scully's son named after?
What episode did the star from the popular television series 'Monk' play in?
What is the name of the organization that Mulder and Scully fight against?
Who does the cigarette smoking man claim to be in relation to Mulder?
What is Scully's badge number?
What is Mulder afraid of?
What is the name of Scully's sister?
What is the name of Mulder's lost sister?
How does Scully's father die?
Who is assigned to work with Mulder when Scully is abducted?
What is A.D. Skinner's wife's name?
What renowned writer of the X-Files also starred in an episode titled 'Small Potatoes'?
Who created the X-Files?
During what episode do Mulder and Scully first kiss?
Who comes to replace Mulder when he is abducted?
What is the name of Scully's biological daughter?
How does Mulder's father die?
What did Scully call her father?
What does Scully's father call her?
What does Mulder adhere to his window when he wants to speak to his confidential informant?
In what episode does Scully reveal that she is pregnant?
What can Gibson Praise do?
What is Scully's birth month?
Who takes over the X-Files when Mulder and Scully are reassigned?

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