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ceramic or porcelain plates and cups
the succession of tones in a musical compostition
a plant with mauve or bluish flowers
generous actions or donations to people in need
the emotion of great delight
a tree with graceful flexible branches
confidence or trust in a person or thing
a rock-like undersea formation of various colours
a shrub with fragrant flowers used in making perfume and flavouring tea
the night preceding a holiday or momentous occasion
a clear transparent mineral resembling ice
a gem with a deep red colour
a spirit distilled from wine
a cut and polished precious stone or gem
cloth of a vivid red colour with an orange tinge
the month when the summer solstice occurs
a green ornamental stone used for carvings and jewelry
a gem-stone found in many colours, including milky-white
the circular diaphragm that surrounds the pupil
informal term for a young woman making her first formal appearance into society
a bead formed on the inner surfaces of an oyster shell
a flower with a yellow disk and white petals
yellowish-brown fossil resin used for making jewelry
a plant with showy funnel-shaped or bell-shaped flowers
a tree with red berries and prickly leaves
the pungent stem of a plant used as a spicy flavouring

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