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Can you name the thing that is not like the others?

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one of these thingsis not like the otherswhy not
Joshua; Peter; Samuel; Timothy
Canoe; Catamaran; Gondola; Kayak
Kwanzaa; Shavuot; Simchat Torah; Sukkot
British Columbia; Ontario; Sarasota; Saskatchewan
Aldrin; Armstrong; Lovell; Shepherd
Helena; Paris; Sofia; Victoria
Jeremiah; Joel; John; Joshua
Erie; Huron; Maine; Ontario
Posh; Scary; Spooky; Sporty
one of these thingsis not like the otherswhy not
Clubs; Diamonds; Shovels; Spades
Swahili; Swaziland; Sweden; Switzerland
Sammy Davis Jr; Jerry Lewis; Dean Martin; Frank Sinatra
Asinine; Mercurial; Plutonium; Saturnine
Bitter; Cranky; Sour; Sweet
Curly; Harpo; Larry; Moe
April; Jennifer; June; May
Mario Lemieux; Mark Messier; Brendan Shanahan; Wayne Gretzky

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