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Can you name the movie that is by a different director than the other 3 films?

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one of these movies doesn't belong here cutdirector of 3
The Birdcage; The Graduate; Kramer Vs. Kramer; Silkwood;
The Big Sleep; Bringing Up Baby; His Girl Friday; Teacher's Pet
The Breakfast Club; Ferris Bueller's Day Off; Pretty in Pink; Sixteen Candles;
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; The Seven Year Itch; Some Like it Hot; Sunset Boulevard;
Awakenings; Big; A League of Their Own; When Harry Met Sally
The Dark Knight; The Fighter; Inception; The Prestige
The Mexican; Mousehunt; National Treasure; Pirates of the Caribbean;
The Bucket List; A Few Good Men; The Shining; This is Spinal Tap
one of these movies doesn't belong here cutdirector of 3
Annie Hall; Hannah and Her Sisters; Maid in Manhattan; Sleeper
Apocalypse Now; The Devil's Advocate; The Godfather; The Outsiders;
Arsenic and Old Lace; It's a Wonderful Life; Mr Smith Goes to Washington; Vertigo
Do the Right Thing; Malcolm X; Man on Fire; She's Gotta Have it
Back to the Future; Cast Away; The Da Vinci Code; The Polar Express;
JFK; Natural Born Killers; Platoon; The Thin Red Line
America's Sweethearts; Burn After Reading; Intolerable Cruelty; O Brother, Where art Thou?
Beetlejuice; Corpse Bride; Edward Scissorhands; Rango
one of these movies doesn't belong here cutdirector of 3
American Gangster; 3:10 to Yuma; Gladiator; Thelma and Louise;
Catch Me if You Can;The Color Purple; Forrest Gump; Saving Private Ryan;
Dial M for Murder; Psycho; Rear Window; Sorry, Wrong Number;
Apollo 13; Backdraft; The Green Mile; Splash
Analyze This; Cape Fear; Raging Bull; Taxi Driver
Joe Versus the Volcano; Julie and Julia; Sleepless in Seattle; You've Got Mail

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