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definitionblue word/phrase
Discoloured, as by bruising (_____ ___ blue)
The Union and Confederate armies in the Civil War (blue ___ ___ ____)
US Navy's Flight Exhibition Team (Blue ______)
Nauseated; intoxicated (blue ______ ___ ____)
A French folktale, with the title character known for murdering his wives (Blue_____)
Aristocratic, noble, or socially prominent lineage of relatives (blue _____)
A registry or directory of socially prominent persons (blue ____)
Receptacle for recyclable materials (blue ____)
Having outstanding or exemplary qualities within a specific category; leading (blue ____)
Of or pertaining to wage-earning workers who wear work clothes or other specialized clothing on the job, as mechanics (blue ______)
Insurance company (Blue _____)
Having or representing childlike innocence (blue ____)
A state of depression (blue ____)
Any of the large, bright stars having surface temperatures of about 20,000 Kand diameters that are often 10 times that of the sun (blue _____)
Country music that is played on unamplified stringed instruments, especially the banjo (blue _____)
A cattle dog that controls cattle by biting their feet (blue ______)
Exhausted and speechless, as from excessive anger (blue __ ___ ____)
Beyonce's daughter's name (Blue ___)
definitionblue word/phrase
Toronto baseball team (blue ____)
Sturdy twilled fabric, usually of cotton; denim (blue _____)
Lewd humour (blue ____)
A print made on light-sensitive paper and used as a proof for checking the position of stripped-up negatives or positives and copy prior to platemaking (blue____)
Disease of plants, characterized by mildewed foliage (blue ____)
Day of the week regarded as a depressing workday (blue ______)
A sailing vessel of Nova Scotia;a seaman on such a vessel (blue____)
To alter or delete part of a book, especially to censor (blue ______)
A specially priced main course on a menu, especially in an inexpensive restaurant (blue _____ _______)
A detailed outline or plan of action; architectural drawings (blue _____)
The highest award or distinction, as the first prize in a contest (blue ______)
What you see when your computer has frozen and requires rebooting (blue ______ __ _____)
Something moving very fast (blue ______)
Brand name for wireless networking technology (blue _____)
Very rarely (____ __ _ blue ____)
Suddenly and unexpectedly (___ __ ___ blue)
Unwaveringly loyal or faithful (____blue)

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