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Can you name the common names of household chemicals?

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Chemical / FormulaCommon NameUsage, Background info
NaCl Sodium ChlorideCooking, Seasoning, Medical
NaOCl Sodium HypochloriteCleaning, Disinfecting
NaHCO3 Sodium BicarbonateCooking, Extinguishing fires, Bottle Rockets
C12H22O11Cooking, Seasoning
CH3COOH Acetic AcidCooking, Seasoning
C3H8Heating, Cooking Fuel
C4H10Lighter Fluid
C Carbon, Planar StructureWriting, Pencil 'Lead'
C Carbon, Network StructureJewelry, Wooing
H20 Dihydrogen MonoxideUniversal
Chemical / FormulaCommon NameUsage, Background info
SiO2 Silicon DioideHard, Translucent Medium for forming items
CO2Beverages, Fire Extinguisher
H2O2Disinfecting wounds, Bleaching, Cleaning
HClPool Disinfectant, Cleaning, Workshop Crafting
C2H3Cl (repeating)Common Plastic, Fabric
C2H5OH, CH3CH2OHBeverages, Hand Sanitizer, Medical Disinfectant, Mouthwash Component
C3H8O, (CH3)2CHOHDisinfectant, Solvent, Cleaning tools
C3H6ONail Polish Remover, Paint Thinner, Solvent
NaOH, KOH Sodium or Potassium HydroxideSoap Making, Dissolving flesh

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