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those works which constitute the 'masterpieces' of literature
opposes the protagonist and gives rise to the conflict of the story
when a word, phrase, action, or situation has two or more interpretations which can be supported by the text
characters, images, and themes that symbolically embody universal meanings and basic human experiences, regardless of the time or place
character that doesn't change throughout a story. The reader's knowledge of the character doesn't grow
characters that display the inconsistencies and internal conflicts found in most real people
character that undergoes some kind of change because of the action in the plot
character that embodies one or two qualities, ideas, or traits that can be easily described in a short summary
characters that embody stereotypes
the struggle within the plot between opposing forces
a characteristic of a literary genre that is understood and accepted by audiences because of prolonged usage
literary approach suggesting that literary wworks do not yield fixed, single meanings, because language can never say exactly what we intend it to mean. they seek to destabilize me
turning point in the action of a story that has a powerful effect on the protagonist. opposing forces come together to lead to the climax of the plot
informational diction. spoken by definable groups of people. used by authors to bring attention to differences between characters
verbal exchange between characters that makes them seem real to audiences by revealing their thoughts, responses, and emotional states
when a character suddenly experiences a deep realization about himself or herself
narrated scene that marks a break in the narrative in order to inform the reader or audience member about events that took place before the start of the work
character whose behavior and values contrast with those of another character to highlight the distinctive temperament of that character
the introduction early in a story of verbal and dramatic hints that suggest what is to come later
literary approach that focuses on the formal elements of a work. historical influences and authorial intent is ignored
the point of view of one character. uses 'I'
narrator who reveals an interpretation of events that is different from the author's own interpretations of said events
narrators characterized by youthful innocence
all-knowing narrator who is not a character in the story and can thus go from place to place and time to time easily
an intrusion by the narrator in order to evaluate a character for a reader
narration that allows the characters' thoghts and actions to speak for themselves. readers reach own conclusion
author restricts a narrator to the single perspective of a major or minor character
approach to literature emphasizing the interaction between the historic context of the work and a modern reader's understanding and interpretation of the work
main character of a narrative. central character who engages the reader's interest and empathy
literary approach focusing on the reader rather than the work itself by describing what goes on in the reader's mind during the reading of the text
point in a story when the protagonist's fortunes turn in an unexpected direction
literary approach examining social groups, relationships, and values as they are manifested in literature, emphasize the nature and effect of the social forces that shape power rel
anxious anticipation of a reader or an audience as to the outcome of a story,, especially concerning the character(s) with whom the sympathetic attachments are formed

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