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Can you name the A-Z of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone?

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Surname first called by The Sorting HatA
The pier that Neville was pushed of by his great uncleB
Ron's brother who knows about DragonsC
He set off the shooting starsD
Mirror of...E
Name of Hagrid's 3 headed dogF
Uncle Vernon works here.G
Name of the Wizarding SchoolH
A present given to Harry by DumbledoreI
The surname of one of Gryffindor's chasers.J
The name of the station that the Hogwarts Express leaves fromK
A nasty Bertie Botts flavour that ron hatesL
What the Dursleys are called by wizardsM
The creator of the Philosophers StoneN
One of the 4 words Dumbledore calls out at the first feastO
The road the Dursleys live on.P
The Defence against the Dark Arts professor.Q
Harry's best friendR
Potions masterS
Neville's toad is called?T
The name of the evil wizardV
Asphodel and ____________ make a very powerful sleeping potionW
Whose name are most Wizards afraid to say?Y
Where Dudley is going for his birthdayZ

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