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Can you choose the better poker hand from either Column A or Column B?

Quiz Updated Feb 22, 2015

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Column AA or B?Column B
High Card Three of a Kind
Straight Two Pair
Four of a KindFull House
Four of a Kind One Pair
Straight Full House
One Pair Three of a Kind
Straight FlushFour of a Kind
Four of a KindStraight Flush
One PairHigh Card
Full House Straight Flush
Three of a KindTwo Pair
Full HouseTwo Pair
High CardOne Pair
Column AA or B?Column B
Straight FlushThree of a Kind
One PairFlush
StraightOne Pair
Three of a KindStraight
FlushFour of a Kind
Two Pair Three of a Kind
High CardFlush
Two PairFull House
One Pair Straight
Straight Flush High Card
Full HouseStraight
Two PairOne Pair
Three of a Kind Four of a Kind
Flush Full House
Two Pair Full House

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