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Carbon Holmium Carbon Oxygen Lanthanum TelluriumMontezuma's bitter water
Americium Erbium Iodine CalciumBand with hits such as 'Horse with no name'
Tungsten Aluminium Lanthanum CeriumThis william was made famous by the film Braveheart
Boron Radium Nitrogen DysprosiumAlcholoic drink distilled from wine
Phosphorus Lanthanum Tellurium GoldA elevated and relatively level piece of land
Calcium Niobium Erbium RadiumCapital of a country in the southern hemisphere
Oxygen Rhenium Gallium Nitrogen OxygenA popular herb
Protactinium Radium Silicon Telluriumorganism that lives in/on another organism
Sulphur argon cobalt phosphorus hydrogen silver uranium sulphurA stone coffin
Scandium Aluminium EinsteiniumAssociated with Libra
Nickel Cobalt Titanium NeonAn alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants
Sulphur Aluminium Molybdenum NitrogenSteelhead and sockeye are species of this fish
Yttrium Argon DarmstadstiumThe whole 9 _____
Tungsten Astatine ErbiumOne of the 5 Wu Xing
Boron Uranium Technitium Hydrogen ErbiumPopular surname and an occupation
Scandium Ruthenium Boron SulphurHospital comedy show starring Zach Braff
Tungsten Iodine Sulphur Hydrogen Boron Oxygen NeonCommon name for the furcula
Phosphurus Uranium RheniumSir Galahad was claimed to be this
Calcium Nitrogen Argon YttriumTweety pie was this species of bird
Americium Phosphurus hydrogen Iodine Boron Iodine Oxygen Uranium SulphurThese sort of vehicles can travel on land and water

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