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Can you name the Countries from cryptic clues?

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ClueCountryNumber of letters in answer
A country, a British coin and a pet (kinda).6
Islands that together are almost a mountain.4
A musical, though not quite as fatty, took place here.6
Father caught up in pride. (or possibly gluttony).5
The best place to get your christmas dinner.6
This country is built with communism and porcelin?5
Country that a comedian made once.9
Sovereign state made up from parts of a plane.5
ClueCountryNumber of letters in answer
African country shrunk to make this African country.5
This country certainly isn't worth crying over.9
Peter Pan got confused and ended up here instead.11
What happens when a vegetable collides with an animal lair.6
What could be made with large quantities of Gallium.5
The place you would be would be if you were in a taxi.4
The country was inspired by the United Kingdom and what happens in the United Kingdom.7

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