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alternative bands A-ZBandSongs
ACaught a Lite Sneeze, Pretty Good Year, Me and a Gun
BE-pro, Loser, Where its at
CBoys Don't Cry, Primary, Just Like Heaven
DPeople Are People, Dream On, A Question of Time
ELips Like Sugar, The Killing Moon, Ocean Rain
FEverlong, Learn to Fly, This Is a Call
GI Think I'm Paranoid, Only Happy When It Rains, Dumb
HData Control, New Day Rising, Turn on the News
INeed You Tonight, Devil Inside, Don't Change
JJane Says, Mountain Song, Had a Dad
KJuke Joint Jezebel, Money, Naive
LShame About Ray, My Drug Buddy, Mrs. Robinson
MGood Enough, Blinding Sun, Suck You Dry
alternative bands A-ZBandSongs
NSmells Like Teen Spirit, Heart-Shaped Box, About a Girl
ORock 'N' Roll Star, Wonderwall, The Masterplan
PUmass, Here Comes Your Man, Bone Machine
QGo With the Flow, Little Sister, If I Had a Tail
RCreep, My Iron Lung, Kid A
SDiamond Sea, Teenage Riot, Incinerate
TThe Cure, Walking With A Ghost, The Con
UOne, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Desire
VVolcano Girls, Seether, Victrola
WUndone (The Sweater Song), Hash Pipe, Buddy Holly
XLos Angeles, Universal Corner, White Girl
YLet's Save Tony Orlando's House, Decora, Autumn Sweater
ZHonestly, Ride a Black Swan, Lyric

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