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Can you name the 80s movies by person, place and thing?

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person, place, thingMovie
Mr. Green, hall, revolver
Lane Myers, ski resort, 2 dollars
PW, the Alamo, bicycle
George Newman, TV station, a mop
Duncan Idaho, Arrakis, spice
Mikey Walsh, Oregon, treasure map
Ray Kinsela, Iowa, VW van
Egon Spengler, New York, slime
Admiral Ackbar, Endor, light saber
Cameron Frye, Chicago, Ferrari
Karen Blixen, Nairobi, coffee plantation
Daniel LaRusso, Reseda, car wax
Louis Fine, Virgil, semiconductors
Vulcan, the Moon, a modicum of snuff
Oliver Warbucks, New York, red hair
person, place, thingMovie
Biff Tannen, Hill Valley, Delorean DMC-12
Napoleon, San Dimas, telephone booth
Eric Liddell, Cambridge, gold medal
Jareth, Goblin City, Lancelot the bear
David Lightman, Seattle, WOPR
Howard, Cleveland, neutron disintegrator
Lone Starr, Druidia, liquid schwartz
Madmartigan, Nockmaar, magic book
Alan Bradley, ENCOM mainframe, light cycle
Bastian Bux, Fantasia, Auryn
Buck Weaver, Chicago, baseball
Scut Farkus, Hammond, Red Ryder BB gun
Dusty Bottoms, Santa Poco, pinatas
Hoke Colburn, Atlanta, steering wheel
Jaime A. Escalante, East LA, calculus book

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