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Can you name the songs from these Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals?

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LyricSong TitleMusical
Why did I do it? What did it get me? Scrapbooks full of me in the backgroundGypsy
Here's the place where I get what I've earned. Why keep prying? Why be miserable?Songs For A New World
Is this how you would leave me? In ruin and despair?Jane Eyre
So you'll rock that recital, and get into Yale, so you won't feel so sick, and you won't look so paleNext To Normal
When I was a child I stayed wide awake, climbed to the highest place, on every fire escape, restless to climbIn The Heights
It ain't fair this here life is drivin' me nuts! While we get peanuts, she's livin' fat!Annie
I just heard on the news where the mailman won the lottery, goes to show when you lose, what you do is try againAssassins
No spirit could win me, no hope left within me, hope I could have loved her and that she'd set me free Beauty & The Beast
What courage does it take to look me in the eye? You can't bury truth in silence, like a tree it's gonna rise!Brooklyn
Come on, teach me what you know! Mama, teach me what you know! How to keep my head tucked lowCaroline, Or Change
LyricSong TitleMusical
So I'll be your feet completely, always there to strive in your socks, alive in your socks, no longer dejected, two feet resurrected, connected to legs which is loveDirty Rotten Scoundrels
I got you all the breaks you need, just two years, we'll be in the lead, just sit back, its plain to see, open your eyes and trust in meDreamgirls
Everybody knows the secret, they all know what their life should be, and they move like a river, everybody knows except for meThe Full Monty
Yet thou, her child, whose head is crowned with flames, still wilt not hear, thine inner God proclaimGodspell
I am out of my mind. I am out of control, full of feelings I can't defineJekyll And Hyde
I grip and she grips, and faster we're sliding, sliding and spilling, and what can I do?Last Five Years
But I refused to feel tragic, I am aching for more than pain and grief, there has got to be meaning, most of all when a life has been so briefLittle Women
You will not touch him! Don't touch my boy! He's what I live for, he's my only joy!Miss Saigon
Better forget her, her with her nose in the air, she has you dancing on a string, break it and she won't careThe Pajama Game
The world is calling, it's now or Neverland, why can't I stay a child forever tick...tick...BOOM!

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