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Host of late night talk show and Liz's ex-lover'Tracy Does _____'
Dateline Host who confronts Dennis on 'To Catch a Predator''The Break-Up'
Tennis star, host of Gold Case, 'Kidz' judge, and participant on Celebrity Homonym'The Head and the Hair'
Hardball host left speechless after Jenna's pitch for Osama 2008'Hard Ball'
Wu-Tang rapper who has trouble stomaching Jack's wine'The Source Awards'
Daytime host who reveals Tracy's father in Thomas Jefferson in a dream'Fireworks'
Actor digitally inserted into NBC shows without his consent'_______Vision'
Democratic commentator who solves problems 'Cajun style''Secrets and Lies'
TGS musical guest trying to nap while the cast parodies 'Midnight Train to Georgia''Episode 210'
New York Mayor praising Dennis for being a hero'Subway Hero'
Today Show host forced by Jack to show a montage of Puerto Rican babies'Generalissimo'
CNN host who hosts Tracy and sends America into an economic frenzy'_____ _____'
Harry and the Hendersons star lost inside 30 Rock'Goodbye, My Friend'
Fashion designer who offers Dr. Drew a modeling job'The Bubble'
Batman star who introduces Jack as Jake Delahey at his birthday party'Apollo, Apollo'
American Idol star and Kenneth's cousin'Kidney Now!'
Singer who says going to punch Elvis Costello in the back of the head'Kidney Now!'
Singer, Liz's former classmate, and the only one paid for Kidney Now!'Kidney Now!'
Singer who claims she is 'one of the drunk ones' in Kidney Now!'Kidney Now!'
Singer who gives Milton Greene a kidney'Kidney Now!'
New Tonight Show host and friends with Queen Latifah'Stone Mountain'
Co-starred in a rapping grandma movie with Tracy, plans to bury him'Stone Mountain'
Nightly News anchor with a Jersey character and a lizard person show pitch'Audition Day'
Top Chef host who supposedly invented clear plastic baggies'The Problem Solvers'
Former Vice President who senses whales in trouble'Sun Tea'
Wise EGOT winner who created the supermajorityDealbreakers Talk Show #0001'
Actor in love with a body pillow who fakes a relationship with Jenna'Klaus and Greta'
Singer on NBC retainer who gets ignored by Jack'Anna Howard Shaw Day'
Former GE chairman who informs Jack that Don Geiss is dead'Future Husband'
Nightly News anchor who reports a Cloverfield moster loose in 30 Rock'Floyd'
Former lover of Margaret Lemon, Astronaut angry at the moon'The Moms'
Cash Cab host who gives Tracy a ride to the hospital'When It Rains, It Pours'
Conman and Lincoln impersonator who played 'Frajer''Reaganing'
Secretly British actor blackmailed into Jack's disaster relief benefit'Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning'
Does a walk and talk with Liz before interviewing for The Sing-Off'Plan B'
Producer of Everybody Loves Raymond and star of Take My Hand'I Heart Connecticut'
Actor who tells Clooney to remove Tracy from the A-List'100'
Former lover of Jack, Secretary of State, and piano virtuoso'Everything Sunny All the Time Always'
Host of Barefoot Contessa and Liz's dream neighbor in the Hamptons'Respawn'
Self-proclaimed idiot who is afraid of the elevator'Idiots Are People Two!'
TV host who gives Kenneth advice on friendship and finances'Today You Are a Man'
Comedian who parodies Jenna with 'Napsack' and 'Heart So Proud''Kidnapped by Danger'
Singer guided to bathroom by Kenneth'Live From Studio 6H' (East Coast)
Socialite guided to bathroom by Kenneth'Live From Studio 6H' (West Coast)
11-time Olympic medalist and Zarina's 'sex idiot''Stride of Pride'
Writer's grand nephew and Twilight star who removes his shirt on TGS'Unwindulax'
Singer at Liz's wedding whose life was once saved by Jack'Mazel Tov, Dummies!'
Uncooperative star of Tracy's Harriet Tubman movie'Game Over'
Former House Speaker who calls Jack 'an economic war criminal''Hogcock'
Weather reporter bribed by Tracy to forecast a 'snowicane''Last Lunch'

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