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Can you name the facts and rumours about Erasmus in Paderborn?

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Forced Order
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Questions Any Clue?
Hannover / Hangover
Scandinavia is a country right? yeah
Who throws the best parties?
Favourite Club
Bubble Island Queen
New Ritchie
Surprise bday party
King of Peter Hilledorf
Mr. Loco
Family name of Prague Trip
Bundesland of PB
Popular Drink (Spanish)
Mr. Popular
Most Vainglorious
Most visited city during erasmus
Mr. Paderborn
Party house
Family name of Munchen Trip
Tagging machine
Ms. Caidas
Switzerland is in Scandinavia right?
Biggest Nationality
A la Chinga, a la Minga, a la Guarra, a la Cerda, a la ....
First Uni party
(un)Popular Drink (Hungarian)
Questions Any Clue?
Most popular dessert
Lederhosen man
Most visited Hauptbahnof (excl. PB)
Homeless in Vogelius
Residence of Princesa
Loudest Person
Most awesome language
Sleeps on the toilet
Jorge's bf (boyfriend)
Untagger of all pictures
Second biggest nationality
Popular Drink (German)
Most repeated party word
Most Drunk
Organizer of Mr and Ms awards
Popular Drink (Polish)
Police Lovers
Round trip Oktoberfest (euro)
Ms. Loca
Most frequent partier
Geochallenge King/Queen
Loves bouncers(security)
Ms. Paderborn
Ms. Popular
most popular phrase
some people are trying to sleep here!!

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