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Can you name the following bits of South Park Trivia?

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How many stars make up the constellation known as 'The Crusades'?
Who did Stan think he saw during a thunderstorm in the rainforest?
According to Joozians, how many episodes should a show never go past?
Who was the special guest conductor for the recorder concert?
Who judged the halloween costume contest won by Wendy?
In addition to Campbell's Soup and DayQuil, what cures SARS?
What country is wiped off the face of the earth in Pinewood Derby?
Who is Filmore's celebrity aunt?
What band plays in the background at the Prehistoric Ice Man exhibit?
What book is read to Timmy to diagnose his ADD?
In the incorrect flashback to Scuzzlebutt, who is portrayed as his leg?
What does a burning lower-case 'T' mean?
Who did the boys claim started the fire in preschool?
What is Scott Tenorman's favorite band?
In Free Willzyx, who does 'the fat kid in the middle' look like?
What treat does Liane make for Cartman in 'Cartman gets an anal probe'?
What's the only thing that can calm Terrance & Phillip's nerves after a long day?
Who wins the world dodgeball championship for South Park?
What procedure is done to turn Kyle into an African American?
Who's older brother is to perform at the halftime show of the football game between South Park and Middle Park?

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