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Ranger TitleRanger NameActor
Blue Zeo Ranger
Main Red Time Force Ranger
Green Turbo Ranger I
Green Samurai Ranger (PRS)
Ranger Operator Series Red
Pink Galaxy Ranger I
Blue Turbo Ranger
Ranger Operator Series Yellow
Green Mystic Ranger
Solaris Knight
Red Power Ranger I
Jungle Fury Red Ranger
SPD Nova Ranger
Yellow Power Ranger I
Lunar Wolf Ranger
Yellow Time Force Ranger
Ranger Operator Series Blue
Navy Thunder Ranger
Red Space Ranger
Green Samaurai Ranger (PRNS)
Yellow Lightspeed Ranger
Ranger Operator Series Silver
Pink Time Force Ranger
Red Zeo Ranger
Blue Overdrive Ranger
Black Power Ranger I
Green Zeo Ranger
Pink Zeo Ranger
Pink Overdrive Ranger
SPD Kat Ranger
Yellow Zeo Ranger
Yellow Turbo Ranger I
Yellow Galaxy Ranger
Green Lightspeed Ranger
Yellow Overdrive Ranger
Blue SPD B-Squad Ranger (series)
Red Galaxy Ranger
Green Galaxy Ranger
Red Power Ranger II
Black Power Ranger II
Pink Lightspeed Ranger
Ranger TitleRanger NameActor
Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger
Titanium Ranger
Crimson Thunder Ranger
Ranger Operator Series Green
Blue Glaxy Ranger
Blue Wind Ranger
Red SPD B-Squad Ranger (in Operation Overdrive)
Yellow Mystic Ranger
White Alien Ranger
Pink Power Ranger II
Red SPD A-Squad Ranger
Blue Alien Ranger
Blue Mystic Ranger
Blue Time Force Ranger
Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger
SPD Shadow Ranger
Pink Turbo Ranger II
Pink Samurai Ranger
Green SPD B-Squad Ranger
Original Red Time Force Ranger (only for a few episodes)
Black Overdrive Ranger
Gold Zeo Ranger II
Red Samurai Ranger
Blue Power Ranger
Jungle Fury Shark Ranger
Blue Lightspeed Ranger
Ranger Operator Series Black
Pink Galaxy Ranger II
Pink Turbo Ranger I
Ranger Operator Series Gold
Yellow Space Ranger
Red Alien Ranger
Jungle Fury Blue Ranger
Yellow Eagle Ranger
Red Wind Ranger
Yellow Power Ranger II
Blue Shark Ranger
Red Lightspeed Ranger
Quantum Ranger
Pink Mystic Ranger
SPD Shadow Ranger (possible in Operation Overdrive)
Ranger TitleRanger NameActor
Green Power Ranger
Jungle Fury Bat Ranger
Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger
Black Space Ranger
Red Turbo Ranger I
Blue Samurai Ranger
White Tiger Ranger
Mercury Ranger
Yellow Samurai Ranger
Pink Space Ranger
Green Turbo Ranger II
Yellow SPD B-Squad Ranger
Yellow Dino Ranger
White Power Ranger
Red SPD B-Squad Ranger (final ep)
Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger
Wolf Warrior
Black Alien Ranger
Gold Zeo Ranger I
Black Bison Ranger
Red Dino Ranger
Blue Space Ranger
Red Turbo Ranger II
Pink Power Ranger I
Yellow Turbo Ranger II
Magna Defender
Blue SPD B-Squad Ranger (final ep)
Red Mystic Ranger
Blue Dino Ranger
Yellow Alien Ranger
Pink SPD B-Squad Ranger
White Dino Ranger
Yellow Wind Ranger
Black Dino Ranger
SPD Omega Ranger
Red Lion Ranger
Red Overdrive Ranger
Silver Space Ranger
Green Time Force Ranger
White Mystic Ranger
Red SPD B-Squad Ranger (series)

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