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Loose, unskied snow.
A technique used to rapidly reverse direction while standing stationary on skis
A common mountain conveyance system. First installed at Sun Valley in 1936.
A radio transceiver used to find people buried in snow.
Strips of plush covered fabric that attach to skis allowing for better grip when climbing.
Free-heeled downhill skiing.
Skiing's equivalent of golf's 'nineteenth hole.'
A bright and sunny ski day.
Bump formed on a ski slope from many skiers turning in the same place.
Equipment allowing a skier's heel to be free for climbing, but can be locked down for descending.
A crash where the skier's equipment ends up strewn across the slope.
Most resorts in North American classify their most difficult marked runs as this.
Granular, easy to ski snow commonly found during the spring.
Direct line down a slope. Often described as the route a ball would travel if released down a slope.
French word for a marked ski run.
Derogatory word for a novice skier who spends more time looking at the scenery than actually skiing.
Standard system for defining the release force of a binding.
A surface lift featuring a series of poles and cross bars suspended from an overhead cable. The bane of snowboarders worldwide!
An overhanging snow ledge formed by wind loading on an exposed ridgeline.
Skiing outside the boundaries of a ski area or resort.
Slang term for a lift operator.

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