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Can you name the answers to these questions about weddings & love (movies, customs, famous couples, etc.)?

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What is the actual title of the song by Richard Wagner that is unofficially known as 'Here Comes the Bride?'
Bridal Chorus; Champagne Trilogy; Wedding March
Spencer Tracy played the father, but who played the bride in the original 'Father of the Bride' movie?
Katharine Hepburn; Debbie Reynolds; Elizabeth Taylor
Ti amo (Italian), Ich liebe dich (German) & Wo ai ni (Mandarin) are all ways to say what?
I do; Will you marry me?; I love you
In Roman mythology, what is the name of the god of love who is today often portrayed as a cherub?
Pluto; Cupid; Hermes
In the movie '27 Dresses,' what kind of dresses are they?
bridal gowns; prom dresses; bridesmaid dresses
An old Scottish wedding tradition is to do what to a bride on the eve of her wedding?
wash her feet; give her a kiss; rub her head
Though changing a bit in recent years, what historically has been the most popular month to get married in the U.S.?
February; June; September
Who was the shy guy with a long nose who wrote letters on behalf of his friend to the fair Roxanne?
Cyrano DeBergerac; Jimmy Durante; D'Artagnan
In traditional U.S. weddings, when do child attendants walk down the aisle?
start of processional; just before the bride; just before the groom
Marilyn Monroe married which famous baseball player in 1954?
Joe Dimaggio; Stan Musial; Mickey Mantle
In France, what is the traditional flower at a wedding?
white lilies; orange blossoms; red roses
The Mehendi (or Mehndi) ceremony before an Indian bride's wedding involves decorating with:
flowers; silk; henna
In Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty', who was Aurora betrothed to as a baby?
Prince Eric; Prince Phillip; Prince Charming
In the U.S., when did it become more popular for men to wear wedding rings?
during Gold Rush days; during the Civil War; during WWII
Which movie involves the planning of a wedding in Greece?
Mamma Mia!; My Big Fat Greek Wedding; The Wedding Planner
At a Quaker wedding, who officiates at the ceremony?
the entire congregation; the bride's father; the groom's father
Which is not worn by a bride to bring good luck?
something old; something gold ; a penny
In what movie does a man propose by putting a diamond ring in the subway token slot?
Sleepless in Seattle; While You Were Sleeping; The Proposal
___ Brides for ___ Brothers is an MGM Classic. How many brides and brothers were there?
5; 3; 7
These presidents all married while in office, but which one actually got married IN the White House?
John Tyler; Grover Cleveland; Woodrow Wilson
In Greek mythology, who is the god of love?
Eros; Apollo; Pan
Traditionally, where does the bride's family sit during the ceremony?
right side of the aisle; left side of the aisle; in the front on both sides
In a traditional Italian wedding, what candy-coated nut is given as favors to guests?
Jordan almonds; Brazil nuts; English walnuts
'Get Me to the Church on Time' is a song from what musical?
Hello Dolly!; My Fair Lady; Kiss Me Kate
Which of these flowers has the symbolic meaning of 'happiness in marriage'?
iris; orchid; stephanotis
In English folklore, it is good luck if a bride meets this person on the way to the wedding:
chimney sweep; constable; cobbler
'We're goin to the chapel and we're gonna get married..' What 60s girl group had a hit with 'Chapel of Love'?
The Dixie Cups; Martha and the Vandellas; The Supremes
In traditional Filipino weddings, what is often wrapped around the couple during their first dance?
white ribbons; beads; money
Which of these TV couples did NOT end up getting married?
Monica & Chandler; Sam & Diane; Jeannie & Major Nelson
Something old, new, borrowed, blue; what does something blue represent?
faithfulness; honesty; cheerfulness
In traditional Jewish weddings, the couple marries beneath a...?
ketubah; mezuzah; chuppah
Originally, rice was thrown after the wedding ceremony for what reason?
to symbolize a 'shower of blessings'; to symbolize fertility; to ward off evil spirits
Symbolizing good luck, what is the traditional dress color for a bride in China?
pink; gold; red
'The Marriage of Figaro' is an opera written by:
Mozart; Chopin; Vivaldi

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