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Creator of Peanuts 
Linus likes to keep this item close 
The kids play on this type of sports team 
Schroeder plays this instrument 
This character perpetually has a cloud of dust surrounding him 
A running gag has Lucy pulling this object away from Charlie Brown as he tries to kick it 
Linus believes this being will bring presents to children on Halloween 
Snoopy often imagines himself a 'World War One Flying Ace' in battle with this legendary figure 
Peppermint Patty calls Charlie Brown by this name 
Charlie Brown's catchphrase when he's depressed, frustrated, annoyed, overwhelmed, etc. 
Lucy offers this type of help for 5 cents 
Charlie Brown's unrequited love was for this person 
Schroeder's favorite composer 
This girl constantly brags about her 'naturally curly hair' 
Lucy and Linus' last name 
Position Snoopy played on the team 
Lucy can be bossy and crabby, and is often called this term for one who worries and complains 
Charlie Brown almost always wore a shirt with this design 
One of Snoopy's alter egos, he wears sunglasses and pretends he's on a college campus 
Lucy's insulting term for Charlie Brown 
Lucy and Linus' baby brother 
Besides Charlie Brown and Snoopy, there were only two other characters appearing in the first four months of the strip. Name one of them. 
When Peppermint Patty's school instituted the dress code (1st time), what did she get in trouble for wearing? 
Which of Snoopy's brothers lives in the desert near Needles, California, and wears a mustache and fedora?  
This character is the only one to address Charlie Brown as 'Charles' 
Peanuts premiered as a daily strip on October 2 of this year 
In addition to pitcher, Charlie Brown is also this for the team 
Woodstock and fellow birds Wilson, Conrad, Olivier, Bill, Raymond, and Harriet, along with Snoopy (as leader) make up what group? 
The voracious arboreal structure that would snatch the toy that Charlie Brown could never quite use successfully 
Sally uses this name to refer to her crush, Linus 
Super Fan
This boy has a numerical name 
Snoopy was born on this farm 
Where does Franklin first meet Charlie Brown? 
Charlie Brown's dad's occupation 
Snoopy's sister (in the strip) 

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