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What You Might HearGame
'Right' 'Left foot....yellow.'
'Is your person a man?' 'Is your person wearing a hat?'
'I fold.'
'Okay, I'm going in to remove the 'Adam's apple'......BZZZZZZZZ!!!'
'Good, finished my for my twosies.'
'Fifteen for 2, a pair for 2, a run of 3 for 3,
and his nobs for 1 puts me over 121. I win!'
'I need to throw my rock into the 2 square...great, I did I go.'
'Oh no, I spun the spilled bucket...waah, I don't wanna put all my cherries back.'
'Aak...where does this hexagon go?...oh, there...I can't find the space for the plus sign....hurry, hurry....POP!!!'
'What am I bid for this beautiful Van Gogh?'
'Oh, no, another outbreak! We need to get to a research lab and find a cure.'
What You Might HearGame
'Hmm, which stick should I pull? I don't think this one will drop any marbles.'
'Oh, good, a purple space! I choose Data Head; no, I want Creative Cat.'
'Nothing but bills in my Mail Cards. I hope I find a Buyer for that Deal soon.'
'Hit me....hit me.....hit me.....ooh, I busted.'
'Aaagh, you knocked out my favorite cat's eye shooter.'
'I'm placing my infantry in Argentina.'
'How many marbles did your pink one eat?'
'Do you want to trade a resource card? I'll give you lumber for grain.'
'If I get a leaner, I tie; if I get a ringer, I win.'
'I've got the double-six; I start.'
'Are you bigger than a breadbox?' 'Yes.'
'Are you usually found outside?' 'No.'
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