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Can you fill in the missing parts in the names of these Supreme Court Justices?

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1st LetterMissing WordSupreme Court Justice
A_____ Scalia (VA) 1986-2016
BWarren E. _____ (VA) 1969-1986
CSalmon P. _____ (OH) 1864-1873
DSandra _____ O'Connor (AZ) 1981-2006
E_____ Warren (CA) 1953-1969
F_____ Murphy (MI) 1940-1949
GRuth Bader _____ (NY) 1993-present
HWilliam _____ Taft (OH) 1921-1930
IJames _____ (NC) 1790-1799
JJohn _____ (NY) 1789-1795
KAnthony _____ (CA) 1988-present
1st LetterMissing WordSupreme Court Justice
L_____ Brandeis (MA) 1916-1939
MJohn _____ (VA) 1801-1835
NSamuel _____ (NY) 1845-1872
O_____ Wendell Holmes, Jr. (MA) 1902-1932
PJohn _____ Stevens (IL) 1975-2010
QLucius _____ Cincinnatus Lamar (MS) 1888-1893
RJohn _____ (MD) 2005-present
S____ Sotomayor (NY) 2009-present
T_____ Marshall (NY) 1967-1991
VFred _____ (KY) 1946-1953
W_____ Rehnquist (AZ) 1972-2005

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