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Can you name the answers about Benjamin Franklin's life and then figure out one of his witticisms?

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About Ben FranklinAnswer
Ben was born on January 17, 1706, in this Massachusetts city.
He was the 15th of his father's 17 children. He was the 10th and _____est son.
Ben was one of a group of men who framed and signed the Constitution. Historians collectively call this group the...
A person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer, 12 year old Ben worked for his brother James as one.
Franklin was an ______; two items he devised were bifocals and a unique fireplace known as the Franklin stove.
Franklin invented this device to prevent fires and damage to buildings during an electrical storm.
He studied languages, learning French, Spanish, Latin, and this other one.
Ben's brother James started 'The New England Courant' which was this type of daily publication; in 1729, Ben owned his own publication of this type.
Franklin served as the sixth President of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania. The council was later abolished, and the president was replaced with this elected official.
He conducted experiments on the principle of refrigeration using a mercury _______, ether, and bellows.
Franklin analyzed the best routes for delivering mail by fashioning this mileage reading device and attaching it to his carriage wheels.
In 1723, at 17, Ben ran away to this city, where he eventually helped establish many community programs.
His publication, 'Poor ______'s Almanack' contained many of Franklin's proverbs and witticisms.
In addition to writer and publisher, Franklin also had this job, which is to be in charge of and to determine the final content of a publication.
Silence Dogood is a name Franklin signed to letters he wrote to the newspaper. He often wrote under a false name, called a ___________.
He served as the first U.S. __________ to France.
Although he lived in London from 1757 to 1775, Franklin returned to America soon after this war began, and then served as a delegate to the Second Continental Congress.
Franklin conducted many experiments with this form of energy, including his lightning experiment, and was the first to discover the principle of conservation of charge.
In 1753, this Ivy League university gave Franklin an honorary degree.
This was another field of study for Franklin; he was intrigued by the North Atlantic circulation patterns, and he subsequently charted the current which he named the Gulf Stream.
Motivated by his brother John's problems with bladder stones, Ben designed a flexible type of _______ catheter to replace the stiff ones of the time.
Ben was an avid reader and an author of published works; he also wrote his own life story, which is called an....
Fanklin's maternal grandparents were Puritans who came to Massachusetts for ________ freedom to escape persecution.
His mother, Abiah, was born in Massachusetts. In which country was his father, Josiah, born?
When Ben first came to Pennsylvania, he found work as a _________. In 1728, he opened up his own shop where he produced materials such as pamphlets and books.
Last name of Franklin's common law wife, Deborah. (It somehow seems appropriate for an author and lover of books.)
Franklin's 1749 pamphlet, 'Proposals Relating to the ______ of Youth in Pensilvania', led to the founding of the Academy of Philadelphia (now the University of Pennsylvania).
For almost 40 years, Ben was involved with colonial mail service. In 1775, he was appointed the 1st _______ General of the U.S., giving him authority over all of the post offices.
In his later life, Ben made ________ of slavery his final project, writing a petition to Congress and serving as president of the Society for Promoting the _______ of Slavery.
Franklin is often said to be a true '________ Man', a term used for a person who excels in a wide variety of subjects or fields.
He helped draft the Declaration of ________.
Franklin thought that the wild turkey would be better than the bald eagle as the ______ bird of the U.S.
The paper that he owned and published was called 'The Pennsylvania _______'.
Franklin was father to this many children (type number in word form).
Franklin received an honorary doctorate from this university, the oldest in the English speaking world.
Concerned about the safety of Philadelphians, in 1736 he organized the Union ____ Company, the first in the city.
Franklin testified in the British Parliament against the Stamp ____ of 1765.
Franklin composed music and played several _____, including the harp, violin, and guitar; he also invented a glass armonica.
At a time when books were not widely available, he helped establish the public lending ________.

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