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Can you name the game shows in which you might hear these phrases or sentences?

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What You Might HearGame Show
'Come on down!'
'You'll be describing 'things that have wheels.'
'I'm not sure of the answer. I'd like to ask the audience.'
'I'd like to buy a A.'
'That's correct, so an X goes in Whoopie's center square for the block.'
'Fill in the blank. Dumb Dora was SOOO dumb, she used a _____ to open a can of sardines.'
'You've connected the chain from Bird to Back: Blue-Bird....BIrd-Brain...Brain-Freeze....Freeze-Frame....Frame-Work....Work-Out....Out-Back'
'What will your husband say is the most embarrassing thing you've done in front of your mother-in-law?'
'You have 60 seconds to bounce 3 ping pong balls into the cups.'
'We have 20 blocks to go. Don't forget you still have a Mobile Shout-Out.'
'I'd like to make it a true Daily Double.'
'I'd like to PEEK at my classmate's answer.'
'Number 8 and number 16 -- that's a match; now we'll reveal two more pieces to our puzzle.'
'Let's see how much money is in Case #13. Leyla, open the case.'
'Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___; can you sing the next line of this song?'
'Your base card is a Jack. Do you think your next card will be higher or lower than the Jack?'
'I'll bet $300 that my next card will be LOWER.'
'Survey says.....'
'You can trade this box for $500 cash or for what's behind Door #1.'
'You have 30 seconds to go and find the specially marked jar of Hellman's mayonnaise.'
'Do you work in food service?' 'Yes.' 'Are you a chef?'
'My name is Michael Gray.' 'MY name is Michael Gray.' 'MY name is Michael Gray.'
'He's made it halfway across the Big Balls....but there he goes, head over heels into the water.'
'No whammies....'
'Bachelor Number 2, describe your favorite dessert in your sexiest voice.'

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