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Can you name the things or phrases containing either of the words milk, cream, cheese, or butter?

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HintWord or Phrase
Eric Clapton formed this band in 1966
A bright yellow flower often found in grasslands or fields
A coarse, loosely woven cotton gauze
Brand of syrup that comes in a bottle shaped liked a woman
Popsicle's orange and vanilla frozen treat
The galaxy containing our solar system; or a candy bar manufactured by Mars
A photographer often tells his subjects to '___ ______'
Monarch and Tiger Swallowtail are two types of this creature
In a 2008 film, Sean Penn portrayed this American politician, who was the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California.
Though contrary to its name, this dessert is layered cake with a custard filling and topped with chocolate
Fans of the Green Bay Packers are sometimes called this nickname
'It's no use crying over _______ ____' means what's done is done and no use worrying about it.
A type of bell-shaped winter squash with yellow skin and orange pulp
A popular brand of dog biscuits
Dr. Seuss book about two hostile cultures trying to outdo each other with bigger and better weapons.
Photographic display of shapely and scantily clothed female figures; or a creamy dessert with a crumb crust
On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave me eight of these.
To give these, you should flutter your eyelashes against someone's cheek; also a song by Bob Carlisle and Randy Thomas
Dessert made by scooping a frozen treat into a conical wafer
A not-so-nice way of describing a plump baby; or a brand of turkey
Chocolate-covered caramel candy bits made by Hershey
Slang for an important or powerful person in an organization
Established in 1863, this company considers itself 'the first name in sewing patterns'.
Idiom used to describe the very best of a group

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