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Can you answer these questions about the 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' story, song, and original TV special?

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Year story first published
Author of original story
Composer of original song
This cowboy singer had a U.S. No. 1 hit with the song during Christmas week of 1949.
Who narrates the TV special?
When Rudolph is born, what makes him 'different' from other reindeer?
Which reindeer is Rudolph's father?
Who is the friend that Rudolph meets at flight practice?
Which reindeer is the flying coach?
What is the name of the doe that likes Rudolph?
What is Mrs. Claus constantly trying to make Santa do?
Instead of a toymaker, what does Hermey the elf want to be?
What is the name of the prospector that Hermey and Rudolph meet?
According to the song, everyone wishes for ______ and ____. (2 words)
What nickname does the prospector call the Abominable Snowmonster?
Rudolph and his friends visit the Island of....(2 words)
What kind of animal is King Moonracer, who rules over the island?
What does Hermey remove from the Abominable Snowmonster during the rescue of Rudolph and his family?
After Hermey, Rudolph, and his family arrive at Christmas Town, what weather event happens?
What item does the Abominable Snowmonster help with at the Christmas party?
One of the signature songs bids you to have what kind of 'rhyming' Christmas? (2 words)
At the end, what does the elf in Santa's sleigh give to each toy as he drops them?
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