Games People Play

Can you name the games people play when given a bit of description?

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Children's game where one person counts and then looks for the others
Party game of acting out clues with gestures
Fast paced team game played on rectangular court; invented by James Naismith
Card game with 2 two-person teams; one may call 'trump'
Team game similar to baseball, except using the feet instead of a bat
Playground game of 2 teams where one tries to 'break through the ranks' after being sent for with a song ...'send Betsy right over'
Game played with numbered cards and markers; has a 'caller'; you must shout the name of the game to win
Children's board game using color cards to move along a path; yummy characters
Board game that uses a DVD to play clips of movies or TV shows
Game in which you try to think of unique objects to fit a category when given an initial letter and a time limit.
Team sport played in a swimming pool and with a netted goal
Board game using letter tiles to make words
Card game; object is to get sets of 3 and 4 (either a run of cards of the same suit, or a set of the same number)
Children's game; a group does what a caller tells them to do, but only if 'someone' says it's okay
Team sport in which players maneuver a ball with their feet to score goals.
Board game originating in India; move pawns around the board to your home
Team game played on a field with a ball and netted stick
Card game involving 'tricks'; players avoid having cards of one red suit in their hand
Lawn game using wooden balls, mallets, and wickets
Game in which players try to hit the birdie (shuttlecock) over the net
Game in which players throw arrow-like 'missiles' at a round board hoping for a bullseye
Game in which players try to hit other players with a ball
Children's game in which seated players are in a circle waiting to be tapped on the head; when a player hears a special word, they get up and give chase
Any of various card games played by yourself
Game in which players toss a disc to each other
Pre-school game; object is to assemble a bug
Mechanical 3-D puzzle with 6 sides of different colors
Board game in which players build a Rube Goldberg type device in order to catch other players' rodents
Game in which individuals or teams try to 'hit' each other with beams of infrared light
Classic game in which players try to sink each other's nautical vessels
Baby's game of clapping hands to a rhyme
Board game in which players manipulate their starving African mammals to 'eat' marbles
Classic murder mystery game in which players try to figure out who, where, and with what
Guessing game; one player thinks of an object and others try to guess what it is with a series of inquiries
Party game in which people walk around seats while music is played
Board game 'imitating' one's journey through the years, from college to retirement
Game played with small rectangular blocks having spots, or 'pips'
Team game in which players on horseback use mallets to move a ball
Bat-and-ball game involving teams of 11 players; originated in England
Game using two jump ropes turned simultaneously
Playground game where 'It' chases everyone else
Game of knowledge where answering questions earns you colorful wedges
Classic game of strategy with rooks, pawns, knights...
Team sport where you run, pass, or kick to score.
Game where players jump into squares drawn on the ground in an attempt to pick up a rock thrown into them.
Team game played on ice using a puck.
Game in which players attempt to guess words or phrases drawn by another member of their team.
Game in which children move stealthily forward while another player's back is turned; if the player turns around and catches them, they must go back to start.
Bat and ball game involving teams of 9 players.
Children's board game involving going up and sliding down.
Game in which arms and legs often get entwined while trying to cover colored circles on a floor mat.
Girls' game in which they try to 'win' an outing with their dream guy.
Game for babies in which the face is covered and revealed repeatedly.
Classic game of making and spending money, paying bills, etc., through the months of the year.
Game in which marbles are maneuvered from one side of the board to the opposite side; involves jumps.
Classic game of buying properties and collecting rent.
Game in which players pull sticks from a container, hoping not to let the marbles fall.
Game in which players hit a ball back and forth over a high net using their hands or head..
Game in which sticks must be taken from a pile one at a time without disturbing the others.
Game starring a popular fashion doll in which girls complete activities to get ready for the prom.
Game in which players try to capture their opponent's pieces by 'jumping' over them.
Ancient game of skill and chance played on a special board in which players try to be the first to remove all of their disks
Children's game in which the end players throw the ball to each other, while a player in the middle tries to get it.
Game in which one player tries to conquer all the other players in various countries
Game in which players move pawns around the board, sometimes sending other players back home with a special card saying an apologetic word.
Game in which many 'brain' skills are tested,including drawing, acting, humming, sculpting, spelling, and general knowledge.
Fantasy role-playing game where players are assigned characters who embark on imaginary adventures.
Game in which players construct words using lettered dice that fall into a grid after being shaken.
Children's party game in which players sit in a circle and pass an object while music plays. Don't be left holding it when the music stops.
Game played on a table with cues and numbered balls
A gambling game in which people place bets on a wheel
Party game where kids try to attach the back end of an equine animal onto its body.
Game using 10 pins and one heavy ball.
Music video game where a player follows the arrows onscreen with movements of their feet.
Game where players toss equine footwear at poles in the ground.
Card game that is unique in using a board with pegs for scorekeeping.
A favorite game at company picnics where 2 people are tied up together and try to run.
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