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QUIZ: Can you name the religious words, terms, or people that begin with 'D'?

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Clue'D' Word or Name
Bible woman who betrayed Samson after learning the secret of his strength
Spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism
Being also known as Satan, Lucifer, etc.
Greek god of wine
Hindu 5-day 'Festival of Lights'
The exile and dispersion of Jews from the Kingdom of Judah by Babylon
A body of beliefs defined and taught by a religious sect
In Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox churches, this person is an ordained minister ranking below a priest; in some Protestant sects, it is a lay administrator
A follower of Jesus during his life on Earth
An established group or sect of a religion
One who is revered as a Supreme Being
A member of an order of priests in an ancient Celtic religion, mainly in Britain, Ireland, and Gaul
A Sanskrit word with many meanings, such as moral law governing conduct (Hinduism), the universal truth (Buddhism), and moral virtue and the eternal life force (Jainism)
Roman goddess of the hunt, the moon, and birthing
He slew Goliath with a stone hurled from his sling, and later became the second king of Israel
Islamic prayer of supplication
The book in the Pentateuch that fits this quiz
The apostle Paul became a Christian after he experienced a dramatic conversion on the road to this city.
Hindu Goddess of Victory of Good over Evil; she is depicted with multiple arms carrying various weapons
A collection of 972 religious texts found in caves in the 1940s and 50s; their name is derived from a nearby body of water
Another name for the Ten Commandments
A geographical district divided into parishes which is under the supervision of a bishop
The period starting with Rosh Hoshana and ending with Yom Kippur
The Zoroastrian faith refers to their house of worship as ____-e-Mehr.

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