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Can you name the religious words, terms, or people that begin with 'C'?

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Clue'C' Word or Name
A building used for public religious worship
A term used in some Buddhist traditions referring to 7 points of energy throughout a person's central nervous system
Title following the name of Jesus, it is from a Greek word for 'anointed'.
Ordained persons in a religion, as distinguished from the laity
Muslim civil and religious leader
Founded by Mary Baker Eddy, this religion's beliefs and practices deal with metaphysics.
A group of Wiccans
From a word meaning 'universal', this is the largest Christian denomination.
'Thou shalt not steal' and 'Thou shalt not commit murder' are two examples of these.
One who sings liturgical music in a synagogue
An ethical and philosophical system named for a Chinese philosopher which is based on his teachings.
Another word for the sacrament of the Eucharist
In Greek mythology, she is the Muse of epic poetry and the mother of Orpheus
A group of angels below the Seraphim
The act by which the Catholic church declares that a person who has died was a saint
God made this agreement with Abraham, promising that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars.
A Christian denomination named after its founder, who believed in predestination
A religious symbol representing Jesus nailed to a cross
Roman god of desire and love; he is depicted as a winged youth
In Genesis, he killed is brother Abel.
A summary of principles and beliefs, often in question-and-answer format, used for instruction in faith
Materials such as quartz, agate, etc., used for their healing energy by many New Agers and Wiccans
Used as a name or term for God, it is one who brings something into existence.
In Greek mythology, he is the ferryman who carries the dead across the river Styx.
The apostle Peter is sometimes called by this name, which means 'rock' in Aramaic.
A group of people assembled for religious worship or belonging to a particular religious community
A disclosure of one's sins, as in the sacrament of reconciliation
In the Roman Catholic church, a conclave of these high-ranking clergy are responsible for electing the Pope.
A practice among New Agers in which the spirit of a deceased teacher is contacted in order to receive guidance and knowledge
Hillside site of Jesus' crucifixion

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