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Can you name the body part that is part of the term, expression, or saying?

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ExpressionBody PartWhat It Means
You've got egg on your ____Something you have done leaves you looking embarrassed or foolish
Absence makes the ____ grow fonderBeing away from someone makes you desire them more
An albatross around the ____A burden (item, person, guilt, etc.) weighing you down
He's all ____Clumsy; unskilled in something
Keep your ____ to the grindstoneKeep working diligently and don't get distracted
Two ____ are better than oneIt's good to have the help, advice, or opinion of another person
Beauty is in the ___ of the beholderWhat one person finds beautiful may not appeal to another
Joined at the ____Two people so closely linked that they are almost inseparable
Set your ____ on edgeTo annoy you very much
Achilles' ____A weakness that can lead to downfall
____ over matterThe use of willpower to overcome a physical problem
Put your best ____ forwardBehave your best; or do something as well as you can
____jerk reactionAn immediate, unthinking, often emotional response to something
A no-____erSomething easily solved with little mental effort
___ of the dogAn alcoholic beverage consumed as a hangover remedy
____ of steelVery brave; never anxious or scared
ExpressionBody PartWhat It Means
Bite your ____Hold back from saying something, especially if it would be hurtful
Grease his ____Pay a bribe
Jump down your ____Strongly criticize or scold you
A shot in the ____Sudden or renewed energy or enthusiasm
____ sandwichA punch in the mouth or face
My ____ are tiedI can't help you even if I want to; or I can't do anything about the situation
Beauty is only ____ deepOutward beauty doesn't necessarily mean there is inner goodness of character, which is more important
Born with a silver spoon in your ___Born into wealth and privilege
A ____ in the closetA secret (perhaps causing shame or embarrassment) that someone takes pains to conceal
Break a ___Good luck, especially to theater actors
A slap on the ____To get only a light punishment or rebuke; often used when a harsher punishment is thought to be deserved
Keep a stiff upper ____Remain unemotional and act as though you are not upset or bothered
Wet behind the ____Someone inexperienced in life
____ up on (something)To study something thoroughly
Tongue in ____Not to be taken seriously; expressed ironically or facetiously
A weight off your ____Something you no longer have to worry about

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