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Can you fill in the missing word for these expressions that contain a religious word or are derived from a Biblical passage?

Updated Mar 27, 2015

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ExpressionMissing WordWhat It Means
Take a ____ of faithTo do something for which the outcome is unknown
Speak of the ____Said when someone you were just talking about walks into a room
All ____ broke looseThere was chaos, confusion, or trouble
Between the devil and the ____ blue seaCaught in a dilemma/difficult choice
You're preaching to the _____To tell people something that they already know, agree with, or practice
Doubting ______A person who is skeptical and refuses to believe something without proof
Idle ____ are the devil's workshopIf one is not being productive, they are bound to find trouble
Living in a fool's _____Having a false sense of happiness or success
The road to hell is paved with good _____Sometimes well-meaning plans have negative outcomes
_____ what you preachDo what you tell others they should do
To err is ____, to forgive divineIt is good to forgive, as everyone makes mistakes
I'm in _____ heavenI'm extremely happy
When hell _____ overVery unlikely of happening
On a ____ and a prayerAn effort to succeed in difficult circumstances and hoping luck, or God, will be on your side
Come hell or high _____Nothing will stop you, no matter what happens
As _____ as SolomonVery intelligent
Play the devil's _____Adopt an opposite position just for the sake of argument
Turn the other _____Don't hurt someone who has hurt you
I don't know you from _____I've never seen you before
Like a ____ out of hellWith great speed
ExpressionMissing WordWhat It Means
Offer an _____ branchAn offer to end a dispute
A heavy _____ to bearA huge burden one has to endure
Have the patience of a _____Extremely patient
Forbidden ____Something appealing that is immoral or illegal
Going to hell in a ______Getting worse; becoming worthless
An ____ for an ____; a tooth for a toothBelief that whatever someone does to another should be done back to them
Cast the first _____Be the first to blame or criticize
Don't cast _____ before swineDon't waste something good on someone who doesn't appreciate it
My brother's ______Responsible for looking out for someone else
The ______ leading the ______Incapable people leading other incapable people
Move _____ and earthDetermined to use every means to accomplish a task
As ugly as ______Really ugly
_____ of the earthSomeone of great worth; a good person
_____ in the skySomething pleasant that is impractical or unlikey
Swear on a stack of _____State something truthfully, earnestly
I'm in _____An indefinite state; awaiting uncertainly
A _____ in disguiseSomething that seemed bad but turned out to be a good thing
______ CainComplain angrily; or cause trouble
Rob _____ to pay PaulTake from one thing to give to something else (as a debt)
Poor as a _____ mouseExtremely poor

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