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Can you name the two animals that are a part of each expression or saying?*

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Playing ___ and ___

(Meaning: game-like relationship where the
advantage shifts back and forth)
A ___ and ___ story

(Meaning: an unbelievable story told as true
or used as an excuse)
A ___ in ___'s clothing

(Meaning: someone who seems harmless
but is really dangerous)
It is better to be a living ____
than a dead ____

(Meaning: it's better to be alive even with a lowly existence than to have lived grandly and be dead)
What's good for the ____
is good for the ___

(Meaning: what's good for one person
should be fine for another)
When the ___'s away,
the ___ will play

(Meaning: without supervision,
people will slack off or misbehave)
The early ___ catches the ___

(Meaning: do things as soon as
possible and you'll have success)
You look like the ___ who ate the ___

(Meaning: looking smug;
or looking guilty)
A ___ and ___ show

(Meaning: an elaborate presentation designed to
impress people or to sway opinion)
March comes in like a ___
and goes out like a ___

(Meaning: early March is cold and blustery;
late March is mild and springy)
If you lie down with ___,
you'll get up with ___

(Meaning: being involved with bad company
will bring bad consequences)
There's a ___
in the ___ house

(Meaning: someone is in a position where they
can exploit a situation to their advantage)
The ___ and the ___

(Meaning: euphemism for sex education)
It's raining ___ and ___

(Meaning: a hard, pouring rain)
Separate the ___ from the ___

(Meaning: sort out the good from the bad)

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