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Description'oom' word
The flower of a plant
Bride's counterpart
A curved piece of wood used by various cultures as a weapon or for hunting; especially associated with Australian indigenous people
To move about rapidly (or the noise of that); Mazda cars do it
What a witch 'sits on' for flying; or the handle of Harry Potter's Nimbus 2000
A person living with another, usually for the purposes of sharing expenses or for company
A slang name for a large, portable music player
Small factory workers in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who impart words of wisdom (2 words)
A meeting place for company executives; or where Donald Trump said 'You're fired.'
Description'oom' word
Some people use this word for the end of the world; armageddon
A brown character in Nintendo's Super Mario series video games; likeness is based on a type of Asian mushroom
Partial or total darkness; a feeling of melancholy; or a Pokémon Grass-Type between Oddish & Vileplume
A place that has sprung up or expanded rapidly, especially in the Old West or for gold seekers
An object that is passed down to other family members, sometimes for many generations
Judge Judy rules here
Onomatopoeia for a loud explosion; or one of Billy Mays' cleaning products
A frame or machine in which a weaver weaves cloth out of thread
iRobot's name for its robotic vacuum cleaner

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