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Can you name the TV characters who were unseen or seldom seen?

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Apartment doorman who announced visitorsRhoda
Owner of private investigation agency; boss of Kelly, Jill, & Sabrina(Person's Name)'s Angels
Niles' ultra-thin wife
(later ex-wife)
Karen's husbandWill & Grace
Mork reported to this superior after each episodeMork & Mindy
Norm's wifeCheers
Loving caretaker to Baby Kermit and friends (animated)Muppet Babies
Hyacinth's sonKeeping Up Appearances
Serial killer and Patrick Jane's nemesisThe Mentalist
Nurse Margaret's husbandBecker
Barney Fife's girlfriend prior to Thelma Lou; he liked to serenade her or recite poetry to her on the telephoneThe Andy Griffith Show
Eddie's pet under the stairsThe Munsters
Howard's momThe Big Bang Theory
Neighbor Phyllis' husbandMary Tyler Moore Show
Inspector Gadget's nemesis (animated)Inspector Gadget
Al's very obese motherHome Improvement
All calls went through this Mayberry telephone operatorThe Andy Griffith Show
Magnum lived in this millionaire author's mansionMagnum, P.I.
Suzanne Sugarbaker's maidDesigning Women
Fran's dadThe Nanny
Tim 'the Toolman' Taylor's wise neighborHome Improvement
The Friends' gang was grossed out to see this clothing-challenged guy through the windowsFriends
Much talked about 'mean girl' at schoolDegrassi: The Next Generation
George's boss while working for the YankeesSeinfeld

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