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Actors/DescriptionTV ShowYear(s)
Bill Kirchenbauer/Deborah Harmon --- A coach and his family move to Eureka, CA for a job1988-1990
Avery Brooks --- A Federation space station guards the opening of a stable wormhole to the far side of the Galaxy1993-1999
Dick Van Patten/Lani O'Grady --- Adventures of the large Bradford family1977-1981
Stephen Collins/Catherine Hicks --- Adventures of a minister and his large family1996-2007
Peter Krause/Michael C. Hall --- Centers on a family that runs a funeral home2001-2005
Mira Furlan/Richard Biggs --- Adventures in a space station in neutral territory1994-1998
Seth Green --- A group of 4 guys move into an apartment that one inherited from his grandmother; hint - they considered themselves 'royalty'2006
John Ritter/Suzanne Somers --- Guy pretends to be gay in order to share apartment with 2 girls1977-1984
Charlie Sheen/Jon Cryer --- A womanizing jingle writer's brother and nephew move in2003-Present
Chad Michael Murray --- Adventures of high school kids in a small town in North Carolina2003-Present

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