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Can you name the U.S. President from the names of his children/stepchildren?

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John (aka Jack), James (aka Chip),
Donnell (aka Jeff), Amy
Unnamed Baby Girl** (though some sources say she was posthumously called Arabella),
Caroline, John (aka John-John), Patrick**
Andrew***, Lincoya (ophaned Indian brought home); Guardian for Caroline, Eliza, Edward & Anthony Butler; John, Andrew & Daniel Donelson; Andrew Hutchings; & sporadically for others
Malia, Natasha (aka Sasha)
Katherine (aka Katie)**, Ida**
Anne, Sarah (aka Knox,Knoxie), Octavia**, Margaret**, Mary Elizabeth (aka Betty), Richard
Millard, Mary Abigail (aka Abby)
Robert, Edward (aka Eddie)**,
William (aka Willie)**, Thomas (aka Tad)**
William**, Chester (aka Alan), Ellen (aka Nell)
Martha, Charles, Mary, Robert, Andrew
Sardis Birchard (aka Birchard), James, Rutherford, Joseph (aka Jody)**, George**, Frances (aka Fanny), Scott, Manning**
Eliza (aka Trot)**, Harry (aka Hal), James,
Mary (aka Mollie), Irvin, Abram, Edward**
Russell, Mary (aka Mamie),
Unnamed Baby Girl**, Elizabeth
Margaret (aka Nistha), Jessie,
Eleanor (aka Nellie)
Marshall (his wife's nephew who was their ward)
Frederick, Ulysses (aka Buck), Ellen (aka Nellie), Jesse
Eliza, James**, Maria
Abigail (aka Nabby,Amelia), John, Susanna**, Charles, Thomas, Elizabeth**
Eugene Marshall* (aka Marshall, Pete),
Elizabeth Ann (aka Emma; from extra-marital affair; he supported but wouldn't meet her)
Patricia (aka Tricia), Julie
Oscar (illegitimate son for whom he accepted responsibility but claimed paternity was questionable), Ruth**, Esther, Marion,
Richard (aka Dick, Rich), Francis
John, Calvin**
Abraham, John, Martin, Unnamed Baby Boy**, Smith, Unnamed Baby Girl**
Barbara, Jenna
Mary, Robert, John, Letitia (aka Letty), Elizabeth (aka Lizzie), Anne**, Alice, Tazewell, David (aka Gardie), John Alexander (Alex), Julia, Lachlan, Lyon, Robert Fitzwalter, Pearl
Lynda (aka Lynda Bird), Luci
Elizabeth (aka Betsy), John Cleves, Lucy, William, John Scott, Benjamin, Mary, Carter, Anna, James**
Mary, Harriet (orphaned nieces were his wards)
Anna, James (aka Jimmy), Franklin**, Elliott, Franklin, John
Michael, John (aka Jack), Steven, Susan
Donald, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, Barron
John* (aka Jacky), Martha* (aka Patsy)**;
ward of stepgrandchildren Eleanor (aka Nelly)
& George (aka Wash)
Mary Margaret (aka Margaret)
Doud (aka Ikky)**, John
Martha (aka Patsy), Jane**,
Baby Boy**(Peter in some sources), Mary (aka Polly or Maria), Lucy**, Lucy** (2nd)
Alice, Theodore (aka Ted), Kermit, Ethel,
Archibald (aka Archie), Quentin
Herbert, Allan
Franklin**, Franklin, (aka Frank)**,
Benjamin (aka Bennie)**
George, Pauline (aka Robin)**, John (aka Jeb), Neil, Marvin, Dorothy (aka Doro)
George, John, Unnamed Baby Boy**, Charles, Louisa**
Robert, Helen, Charles
Maureen, Michael***, Christine**,
Patricia (aka Patti), Ronald (aka Ron)

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