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Can you name the things, people, or terms with the word baby/babe/babies in them?

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HintBaby/Babe/Babies Name or Term
A sheepherding pig of book and movie fame
Very huge cartoon toddler duck
A leading retailer for baby registries & baby products of all kinds
Paul Bunyan's colorful pet
Sign letting other drivers know that there is
an infant in the car
Tiny white flowers often used by florists
as filler in bouquets
Barney the Dinosaur's green triceratops friend appearing on Barney & Friends children's show
It sounds like it's 'raining babies', but this term really means a gift-giving party
for an expectant mom
Named by Guinness Book of Records as one of the most versatile female competitors, she excelled in golf, basketball, & track and field
Cartoon series starring Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, etc., as toddlers
Goldilocks liked his porridge the best...
and his chair...and his bed
3-D animated baby that was a late '90s internet sensation; also appeared on Ally McBeal as her hallucinations
A guy (or perhaps his car) that attracts females
Urban clothing line designed by
Kimora Lee Simmons
HintBaby/Babe/Babies Name or Term
Comic strip about a family with 3 small children; or postpartum depression
1938 movie starring Katharine Hepburn,
Cary Grant, & a leopard
Hasbro doll available with various life-like attributes, such as crying, eating, wetting, etc.
Specialty at Chili's....'I want my....'
Minnesota based pro fisherman & star of
'Good Fishing' TV program
Urban slang for the mother of a baby who is not married to the father;
or a 2008 film with Tina Fey
Since 1928, this has been the icon of a well known baby foods company
Small floppy animal toys created by Ty Warner
Infant's lullaby song with grim lyrics
From a traditional children's tale, an expression meaning inexperienced innocents entering unknowingly into a dangerous situation
1961 Disney live action film featuring nursery rhyme characters & wooden soldiers
A line of products and toys for babies that explore classical music, art, & poetry
Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead's first child (nickname)
Choose either candy to answer: Gummy baby-shaped candies in various colors popular in the UK; or bite-sized caramel candies based on the Sugar Daddy caramel lollipop

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