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Olivia Alaina May/Todd Leigh --- Girl tries to 'become a woman' the night before high school graduation2009
Matthew Perry/Zec Efron --- Middle-aged guy unsatisfied with his life gets another chance to relive his youth2009
Molly Ringwald --- Family forgets teen girl's milestone birthday; she suffers multiple embarrassments1984
Robert DeNiro/Edward Burns --- Homicide detective & fire marshall must stop killers who videotape their crimes for publicity2001
Paul Douglas/Richard Basehart --- Suicidal man stays on high-rise ledge for many hours1951
Kevin Bacon/Peter Brouwer --- Camp counselors are stalked & murdered while trying to reopen a camp1980
Henry Fonda/E.G. Marshall --- A dissenting juror tries to convince the others that the murder case is not as clear as it seemed.1957
George Clooney/Brad Pitt --- 11 men come together to pull off a daring Las Vegas heist2001
Charlton Heston/Yul Brynner --- Biblical epic about Moses1956
Bruce Willis/Matthew Perry --- Struggling dentist gets a new neighbor who is a contract killer2000
Paul Walker/Bruce Greenwood --- Antarctic explorers must leave their sled dogs behind as they escape a brutal storm.2006
Brad Pitt --- Austrian mountain climber becomes friends with the Dalai Lama1997
Doris Day/Brian Keith --- Widow with 3 children & widower with 1 child marry & try to blend their families1968
Michael Sacks --- Billy Pilgrim, a captured American WWII soldier, travels back & forth through time; in his future, aliens keep him in a 'zoo'1972
Hugh Grant/Kristin Scott Thomas --- A group of British friends attend marriage ceremonies and a memorial1994
Tom Selleck/Nancy Travis --- Three guys are forced to take care of an infant left by one of the guy's girlfriends1987
Doris Day --- Wealthy heiress makes a bet that she can say 'no' to everything for 48 hours1950
Jack Nicholson --- A rebel at a mental institution rallies the patients to take on the oppressive nurse.1975
Jessica Chastain -- Manhunt for Osama bin Laden2012

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