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Can you name the people with names ending in 'son'?

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Scottish novelist; wrote Treasure Island & Kidnapped 
UK poet; author of The Charge of the Light Brigade 
American poet & philosopher; led Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century 
19th century female American poet who lived a reclusive life; most of her poems were published after her death 
King of Pop 
Singer, musician; leader & chief songwriter of The Beach Boys 
Singer; actress; played Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard movie 
Singer; she was the 1st African American to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York 
Singing group with brothers Isaac, Taylor, & Zac....MMMBop 
The only Beatle to fit the quiz 
Lead singer of The Doors 
Sports Legends
First African American MLB player of the modern era; debuted with Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. 
Boxer; youngest man to win WBC, WBA, & IBF world heavyweight titles & 1st to hold the titles simultaneously. 
One of the greatest boxers of all time; career spanned 1940-1966 in multiple weight classes. 
MLB pitcher 1907-1927; played for Washington Senators; won Triple Crown 3 times; nicknamed 'The Big Train' 
MLB outfielder (1956-76); only player to win MVP in both National & American leagues 
MLB's Mr. October 
Basketball star for Lakers; was on 1992 Olympic Dream Team; played from 1980-91 
Music producer & American Idol judge, dawg! 
Actor & director; starred in Lethal Weapon & Braveheart 
Canadian actress; star of Baywatch; former Playboy model 
Actor; leading man of the '50s/'60s, most notably alongside Doris Day 
Actor; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 
Comedian; host of The Tonight Show for 30 years 
Actress in Girl With a Pearl Earring & Lost in Translation; singer 
TV & movie actor; replaced Coach as bartender on Cheers 
Actor; former pro wrestler known as The Rock 
Actress; daughter of Vanessa Redgrave; died after a skiing accident in 2009 
17th century English explorer & navigator; searched for Northwest Passage 
Civil rights activist; Baptist minister; leader of Rainbow/PUSH Coalition 
Author of Silent Spring; her writings helped advance global environmental movements 
Confederate Civil War general accidentally shot by Confederate soldiers 
Norse explorer who landed in North America almost 500 years before Columbus 
First lady; 4th president's spouse; saved portrait of Washington from White House fire during War of 1812 
Israelite judge of great strength; betrayed by Delilah when she cut off his hair 
British industrialist; owner of Virgin Records & Virgin Atlantic Airways 
First names ending in 'son'
President of the Confederate States 
American abstract expressionist painter 
Actor; starred as Indiana Jones & Han Solo 
Days of Our Lives actress & Biggest Loser host 
Late night 'Last Call' talk show host 
Journalist; CNN news anchor;
360 host
South African president 1994-99; worked to end apartheid 
'Citizen Kane' actor; broadcast The War of the Worlds on radio 
Just for Fun
Cartoon dad of Bart, Lisa, & Maggie 
Full first name of Ren's friend (of Nickelodeon cartoon) 
Tom Hanks' island 'companion' in Cast Away 
Space-age cartoon dad to Judy & Elroy 
Neil Patrick Harris' character on How I Met Your Mother 
Peter Parker sells photos to this editor of the Daily Bugle. 

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