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Can you name the animal that is a part of the term, expression, or saying?

Updated Mar 25, 2015

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ExpressionAnimalWhat It Means
___ of a feather flock togetherSimilar people tend to associate together
You can't teach an old ___ new tricksSomeone who is used to doing things a certain way can't change
Take the ___ by the hornsTo face a task or difficulty head on
Moving at a ___ paceMoving really slowly
Let the ___ out of the bagReveal a secret
Don't count your ____ before they are hatchedDon't assume something is yours until you have it
Cash ___Someone with a lot of cash who supports someone else
If it looks like a __ and walks like a ___, it must be a ___
(1 word)
Assume the obvious
Out___To trick; deceive
Black ___ of the familyMost troublesome member of the family
You can lead a ___ to water but you can't make him drinkYou can offer advice, but you can't make someone take it
Scape___One who gets blame for others' mistakes
___ in the grassA deceitful or treacherous person
To go ___ wildWildly excited as to be out of control
Playing ___To feign death
A ____ can't change his spotsA person cannot change who they are
____ loveA juvenile crush on someone
Card ___A card player who hustles people
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed ___ biteBedtime wishes for a good rest
ExpressionAnimalWhat It Means
Cry ___Raise a false alarm
When ___ flyIt's never going to happen
Stop cold ____Quit a habit suddenly and completely
Red ___False trail; draws attention away from the main issue
I've got bigger ___ to fryHaving more important things to worry about
___ in your throatHaving a scratchy voice
I'll be a ___ uncle!To be astonished
Busy as a _______Very busy
___ raceContinual hectic routine of being in the workforce; or a pointless pursuit
A memory like an ___Never forgetting anything
As the ___ fliesDirectionally, in a straight line by the shortest route
___ tearsFake or insincere tears
The straw that broke the ____ backThe thing that pushed someone over the edge
__ in your pantsTo be very restless and impatient
___ in the belfryCrazy; or eccentric with strange ideas
Opening up a can of ___Bringing up a controversial issue or inadvertently creating new problems
Wild ___ chaseAttempting or pursuing something impossible or unlikely of attainment
You can catch more ___ with honey than with vinegarIt's easier to get what you want by being nice
As mad as a March ___Crazy; eccentric

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