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QUIZ: Can you name the people, real and fictional, that we reference to describe people & personality types?

Quiz Updated Apr 28, 2017

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Person/Personality (starting letter)Person or Character AllusionReference Source
A handsome young man; a physically perfect male (A)Mythological
One who goes from rags to riches or who gains recognition after obscurity and neglect (C)Literary
A man obsessed with seducing women (D, L, or C)Literary or Historical
A large person, especially when compared to a much smaller opponent (G)Biblical
Someone overly idealistic to the point of having impossible dreams (D)Literary
One who is adept at escaping or getting out of tricky situations (H)Historical
A faithful and willing assistant, ready to help with anything (F)Literary
A person with two sides to his/her personality, at odds with each other (J)Literary
A noble and chivalrous man (G)Literary
A child, usually grown, who had been wayward but has mended his ways and reconciled with his family (P)Biblical
A person who is always optimistic and finds the good in everything, even when things are going badly (P)Literary
One who has belief in the superiority of one's own gender (C)Historical
A nagging or shrewish woman (H)Mythological
A very intelligent person; a genius (E)Historical
Person/Personality (starting letter)Person or Character AllusionReference Source
A harsh or cruel person in authority, such as a demanding boss (S)Literary
A person with an irresistible hypnotic power (S)Literary
One who helps out or comes to the aid of another person, especially when they don't even know that person (G)Biblical
An independent minded person, especially one who does not follow the crowd (M)Historical
A pampered or somewhat sissified young boy (L)Literary
A man who is very strong or has extraordinary power (H)Mythological
A boorish or stupid person (Y)Literary
Someone who tries to fashion someone into the person he desires (P)Mythological or Literary
A traitor, especially to friends who trusted him (J)Biblical
A person who can't contain their curiosity, which leads to bad occurrences (P)Mythological
One who has suffered a great deal but remains patient and faithful (J)Biblical
A person who seems to profit from anything they touch or in which they become involved (M)Mythological
A stingy, miserly, greedy and or bitter person (S)Literary

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