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QUIZ: Can you name the Minecraft Mobs?

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HintEvil MobsQuestion
Evil mobsIt explodes
Evil mobsIt is made out of pure bone and has a bow
Evil mobsIt wants to eat your flesh
Evil mobsHe is a Steve with white eyes
Evil mobsIt shoots fire charges and is found in the nether
Evil mobsCan be found alot on superflat
Evil mobsIt is made out of bone and has a sword
Evil mobsThey have 8 eyes
Evil mobsSpiders with a skeleton on there back
Evil mobsThey have 8 eyes and are found in caves
Evil mobsIt spawns in strongholds
Evil mobsThese are found at villages and have realy big hats
Evil mobsIt is made out of lava
Evil mobsThese are found in the nether and when killed it gives you blaze rods
HintEvil MobsQuestion
Friendly mobCan be tamed by giving it roar fish
Friendly mobsIt is a cow with mooshrooms on him
Friendly mobsYou can trade with them
Friendly mobsThey will give you wool when killed or sheered
Friendly mobsThey give you milk
Friendly mobsThey can give you feathers
Friendly mobsThey can only live in water
Friendly mobsIt can fly and lives in caves
Friendly mobsThey give you porkchops when killed
Neutral mobsIt drops gold nuggets
Neutral mobsIt can teleport
Neutral mobsWhen you give them enough bones they will be your pet
BossIt is found in the end
BossIt is found in the nether

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