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A New York city artisans society that gradually came to dominate politics in the city.
Where was the first women's rights convention in the West held?
What immigrant group primarily settled on the West Coast during the Gold Rush?
What system did Stephen Douglas prefer in deciding slave/free states
There is a very famous video game that was developed for the Apple II about this trail. In other news, your party has all died of dysentery.
The Mexican Cession was negotiated in this treaty
On the East Coast, where did the majority of immigrants come from
What was the system of mills that employed young women and integrated the mills into a town?
What religion did Joseph Smith form?
What law was passed in 1854 that negated the Missouri Compromise?
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What part of the Compromise of 1850 most angered northerners?
What was the name of anti-immigrant party that grew from natiivist sentiments?
What economic panic led to rising sectional tensions?
The most influential court decision having to do with slavery
What proposed amendment to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hiadalgo banned slavery in the annexed territories?
What philosophy was popularized by Thoreau, Fuller and Emerson
What newspaper did Williams Lloyd Garrison edit?
What was the name of the society that wanted to send emancipated slaves back to Africa
In which year did the Civil War start?
In which year did the Mexican-American War start?

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